Our Simulators

Both simulators have training and entertainment content.

Our Classroom

The classroom is a comfortable environment for training.

Our Store

The store maintains a small selection of handguns and accessories.

Why We Started Learned Wolf

We started Learned Wolf to provide a great training experience for new and experienced shooters alike. We have a comfortable classroom environment with great visual presentations and training aids. We use high-end shooting simulators to become comfortable with sight picture, alignment and trigger control with inert pistols and rifles without the anxiety of recoil or doing something wrong. Once the fundamentals are achieved, life-fire practice is done at a local range.

For those who have not chosen a gun yet, we have supply of handguns suitable for concealed carry in our store. We started the store to provide students (and others) with a variety of handguns where they can feel each gun to make sure they select the most appropriate for their individual needs. The small store affords one-on-one browsing of the available pistols in a comfortable environment; not rushed like larger stores might be.

What training do you provide?

The primary focus of the training is to obtain the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. We offer a training class that satisfies the state training requirement…and more. See the Training page for more info.

Do you sell guns?

We have a selection of handguns suitable for concealed carry. We have multiple distributors to order from in case you wish to order a specific firearm. See more detail on the Firearms Sales page.

What is a shooting simulator?

The shooting simulators are computer software systems projecting the images on large screens on the wall. Training pistols and rifles which are not capable of firing live rounds are used to ‘shoot’ at the screen targets. The guns use invisible infrared laser beams and cameras detect the location of the ‘shot’. See more details on the Shooting Simulators page.

Is the shooting simulator only for training?

While the simulators are used in our concealed carry class, they are also used for target practice, shooting zombies, simulated hunts and sci-fi encounters. The simulators can be rented for individuals, parties and other gatherings. See the Shooting Simulators page for more info.


How to reach us...

108 Lincoln St.
Pueblo, CO 81004

(719) 696-9741



Mon, Wed, Fri — 10 am to 5 pm
(may be gone for lunch)
Other times by appointment.
Parties and Events Welcome!

We are often at the building outside the normal hours.  Drop by or call ahead.

Learned Wolf

Learned Wolf.  On Lincoln Street near Abriendo.
It is easiest to turn into the parking lot if heading East on Lincoln.  Otherwise, you may wish to circle the block using Abriendo then Tyler to Evans then back to Lincoln. … it’s Pueblo  🙂

The building was once the Republican Headquarters building for Pueblo.